Kik vs Whatsapp vs Wechat : Quick Analysis

Kik, WhatsApp and WeChat are three very popular instant messaging applications. If you are wondering which one to use, here is a quick comparison between the three.

Mobile Network Connection for Login

Not all the apps require the mobile network connection for setup and login. Only the apps that need your phone number for setup require you to be connected to the mobile network as they send the One Time Password (OTP) for verification. Kik app and WeChat do not require phone number sign up and therefore you don’t have to be connected to mobile network. You can set up and use them over Wi-Fi. WhatsApp, on the other hand, sends text to your phone at the time of registration. Hence, you must have active mobile network connection. But, once you have registered, whether or not you have mobile connection, you can still use it over Wi-Fi or any other internet connection.

Opt-in Feature

Some messengers use the 2-way opt-in feature. It requires you to add the contact (or send them the request to add you in case you are a sender) before they can send the messages to you. This ensures that you do not get any messages from the strangers. Kik Messenger uses the 2-way opt-in functionality. Hence, you can exchange messages only when one of you has sent the request and the other has accepted it. On the other hand, WeChat and WhatsApp do not use this feature. Therefore, even if someone is not on your contact list they will be able to send messages to you. Of course, you can block them if you have to.

PC Availability

A lot of us would love to use messaging app on a PC instead of mobile. Using mouse to interact with the interface and keyboard to type messages are much easier as compared to tapping and keypad typing. WhatsApp has a web-client as well as the desktop client. The desktop client is available only on Windows 8 and 10. Web version can be used on all browsers. WeChat also offers a web-based client so that you could use it on your PC. Unfortunately, there is no official version available of Kik for windows PC. It can be used using Android Emulator.

How to Make a Broadcast Private in Periscope

Periscope lets you broadcast your videos live using a compatible mobile device. Yes! You can broadcast your life to the world. But, what if you do not wish to let the world see what’s going in your life? What if you want to broadcast it only to the limited people in your life? Do not worry as there is an option to make your broadcast private. The private videos are available only to the people who are connected to you on Periscope. You can use private feature on Android, iOS, as well as on Periscope for windows. Here is how you can do that:


  1. Download and install the app on your device from the official app store (Google Play Store for Android and iTunes & App Stores for iOS)
  2. Locate the Periscope icon on the home screen of your computer and launch it
  3. You will see an icon of camera on the bottom bar; tap it. This will open the camera, but don’t worry, the broadcast hasn’t started yet. You can still change the settings
  4.  You will see the ‘Broadcast Now’ option on the top; just underneath is the option to provide some information about what is being broadcast, such as ‘John Doe’s Birthday Party’
  5. Underneath the video description section you will see a tool bar with some options. One of the icons in this toolbar is padlock. This is the one you need to select in order to make your video private
  6. Tap the padlock icon
  7. Now you will be taken to the screen where you can invite the people whom you want to see the broadcast. You can only invite from among the people who follow you on Periscope.
  8. Tap on the ‘Make Private’ button to send the invites
  9. Now tap ‘Start Broadcast’ button which will now appear under the toolbar

This is how your private broadcast will begin. The private broadcasts do not appear in the Global List and are available only to select few you have chosen. This feature can be used if you wish to broadcast something that is personal to you.

Get iMessage Application on Your Windows Computer

The iPhone or Mac users who use iMessage say that it is not just an App; it is a complete service in itself. You can use this app to not only send the text messages but also the audio, video, pictures and files.

This app offers a very user-friendly interface and it is extremely easy to use. There is no wonder why it is the preferred messaging app of the iOS users. But the problem is that it is exclusive to the Apple devices and hence you cannot use it if you do not have an iOS or OSX device – well, at least not officially.


Many people who use Windows PC want to use iMessage too. You may have a friend with iPhone who would like to chat with you over iMessage. But, it might not seem very practical to you to buy an expensive device only to be able to use one app. This is why it makes sense to use the workaround instead.

Here is how to download and install iMessage on windows Computer.

iMessage for Windows


To be able to use iMessage online on your Windows computer, you will first of all need one of the following Windows OS versions:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

If you have one of these Windows OS, get ready to have an awesome iMessage experience right at your desktop.

What you need to do is create an environment within your Windows OS environment that emulates OSX. For this purpose you will need an emulator.

There are some iOS or OSX emulators on the web but not all of them can be trusted. So, it is best to stick to the one that has been tried and tested and has proven to be harmless. Go for iPadian emulator. It is the best.

Search Google to find the steps to download iPadian. Install this emulator and you will see the Mac environment on your computer screen.

Search for iMessage in the search box and install it.

You will be able to find the iMessage app inside the iPadian drawer. Launch it from there and start chatting with your friends or family.

Zapya vs Xender vs Shareit : which one in better

There was a time when you had to transfer something from one phone to another you had to connect the first phone to the PC via USB cable, copy the content on the hard drive of the PC, connect the other phone using the USB cable, and transfer the content to it. This was a very long and tiring process. Then the Bluetooth technology was introduced which transformed the way we shared content across devices. There was no need for wires as everything was done wirelessly. But there were some challenges with Bluetooth. First of all, connectivity was not always reliable. The devices had to be in a very close proximity. It was not easy to connect to multiple devices at the same time. Also, the transfer was very slow especially when you had to share the larger files.

All these problems were finally taken care of when hotspot feature was introduced in the phones. This feature allowed for the creation of some of the most incredible file sharing apps with which you could share files easily at a much higher speed. These apps also allow you to connect to multiple devices at the same time. You not only share the files across handheld devices but also between computers and mobiles. There are many file sharing apps in the market these days and they are for free. But we can safely say that the top 3 apps are SHAREit Apk, Xender, and Zapya. But even with these choices the users may get confused. After all, they want to know which one is the best among the three. So, here is the quick comparative analysis of these three incredible file sharing apps.



There is one thing that is absolutely clear beyond any doubt – SHAREit is the most popular file sharing app at this time. It has been downloaded and is being used by more users than any other such app. This app allows you to share the files and media across devices at an incredible speed. Once you have used this app there is no way you will want to use the Bluetooth service ever again. The good thing is that almost all the phones these days feature the hotspot technology. Whether you have an iOS, Android, or Windows phone, you can use this app quite easily. Also, it can share the files between PC and mobile and also two PCs.  You can use this app to connect to multiple devices at a time. It offers a very user friendly interface and navigation is pretty easy. These are the reasons why it is so popular these days.


Xender is definitely not as popular as SHAREit. However, the people who have used both the apps often say that it could be much better than the latter. It does have certain features that are not available with SHAREit. For example, it allows you to buzz a friend if you need to grab their attention.


There are some features that are completely unique to Zapya. Other than that, it has all the other common features of the above two apps. What’s unique is that it allows you to chat with the other users.


Xender and Zapya offer some additional features. However, since SHAREit is being used by more people therefore it makes more sense to use it. You will not want to make the other person download the app first before sharing the file.

Best Music Creator for Mac

For those with a secret intention of creating their own music but not fully prepared yet for a foray into professional Music arena times are good.  You can create your own music using easily available downloadable Application and play around with them.  In case you create something which you think is shareable with your family, friends and acquaintances, you can go ahead and do it.  Who knows after some of these hobbyist type productions you might get noticed and get sucked into the arena of professional music creators?   Here are few of cheap or free Applications which might help you in your ambition.


This application is for those who have reasonable skills or a good ear for music.  It comes free on the new Macs but you don’t really have to worry if you have old one you can buy it for a price of $14.99.  This application has more than enough for the amateurs and almost enough for the professional musicians. Now, you can easily download Garageband for windows 10  using an Android Emulator.



This Application offers Multi-Track and Single-Track editing features and runs across all platforms including Windows and Mac.  Moreover, it is absolutely free to download and use.  It may not be as equipped as the GarageBand in terms of creating Music but if you need to cut and fix some recording Audacity will do just fine.



If you tired of tuning you Guitar using a physical tuner to tune you Guitar you can look at Software aided tuning provided by many Applications these days.  One such absolutely free application is the Gtuner.  It is whole new experience for those who are accustomed to tuning Guitars physically.



Hydrogen is free drummer and drum sequencer for you.  It can collect and use samples from different instruments and then make a Drum Sequence exclusively for you.  This works perfectly with Mac as well as Linux.



Advanced Video Editing Apps for Smartphones


Nowadays , everyone loves to be a perfect video maker and certainly  keeps useful collection of useful applications for online video editing and enhancing exactly on the phone.

You can easily pick one of the favourite apps, then capture a video and then modify this as you like. In the list, vine gets more importance but we will look for more professional video editing applications .

Take a look at our list of favorite video editing software. If you are the mobile user with iOS or Android OS, you can easily choose the app that best fits your operating system.

Perhaps in the future someone of you is going to be Spielberg.


  1. Viddy 

The major feature of this software is refining the captured video clips. You may include your personal soundtracks, video clip and also apply various filters. Through this app, you can easily share your work on social networking sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and Twitter. We can see Viddy almost equivalent to iMovie PC version.

Compatibility: IOS, Android

Price : free


  1. Montaj

    Montaj application enables you to take short 5 second series, and after that process them: glue, voice or filter.

Compatibility: IOS

Price : free


  1. Magisto

Magisto app presents itself as best “Movie Maker“. In Magisto, user can do basic editing and enhancing, there are various filters also available. You may add background music to the video recording as well edit it. The program possesses a variety of sound effects.

Compatibility: IOS, Android

Price : free


  1. Cute CUT

Cute CUT enables you to “create” on your video. The app provides you the possibility to not only edit the video, but also to draw on it using the 30 built-in tools. You can include images to a variety of effects, textures, shadows.

Compatibility: IOS

Price : free

cute cut

  1. Qik Video

This application operates in conjunction with Skype lets you to record as well as cut frames. You can use 13 various effects providing in real time during the call. Qik Video is considered best one amongst top editing apps.

Compatible: IOS, Android

Price : free


  1. Cinefy

Cinefy is very nice and useful app for video processing. The app is very easy to use, has much more than ONE HUNDRED various exclusive effects that you can use to enhance your video. Furthermore, you can insert popular music directly from Itunes.

Compatible: IOS

Price : free


  1. VideoGrade

The key advantage of the app is the capability to customize deep blue colors of your video. More than 11 premium filters are available in the app.

Compatible: IOS

Price: $ 4.99

video grade

  1. Splice

Splice has the ability to modify a video. Furthermore, you can record your voice and add it as a background sound.

Compatible: IOS, Android

Price: Free for IOS and Android costs $ 2.99


  1. ReelDirector

ReelDirector app offers standard editing tools clips. You can add text by selecting different styles, as well as to impose a variety of effects.

Compatible: IOS

Price: $ 1.99


How to Make Free Video Calls from Mobile to Mobile

Nowadays, it has become very easy to make video calls from mobile to mobile as there are main video calling applications available in the market for free.You don’t have to have too much technical skills to install and use these video calling apps. The apps are easily available on the online stores such as Google Play and App Store, so you can get the videos calling apps from online stores to make video calls.

So, we have selected 5 video calling apps for you, and these are apps are for free.

1.      Facetime


Facetime is a very popular video calling app available on iOS platform but don’t even think of downloading this app on other operating system as it only supports iOS. This is the best free video calling app if you are using iPhone, Mac etc. You can make high quality video calling by using this app, and it even allows you to do texting with your friends. All you need to do is press the video calling button to see your family or friends. It comes inbuilt in iOS devices, so you don’t have to download it. The good news is that you can find Facetime on Android now easily.

2.      Skype


Skype is one of the best free video calling app for smartphones and desktop. It allows you make group video calling, so you can see more than person in the same screen. It also has texting feature, and file attachment to transfer the file from one user to another user. You can even call internationally outside the Skype by top the Skype account, which offer very low calling rates. The app is available on Google Play for free.

3.      Viber


Viber is mostly used for texting with friends but the app also offers free video calling features in smartphones and desktops. You can easily find the app on Google Play, and the app has very nice user interface. The app also has Viber out calling but you need to have credit in your account to call someone out the Viber. You can use nice stickers while texting, and there are some paid ones as well.

4.      Tango


Tango is an amazing app, which allows you make video calling from one phone to another phone for free. The app offers other free features such as texting and audio calling, and gaming people would love to try the app as there are some inbuilt games in the app. Tango can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

5.      Google Hangouts


 Google Hangouts is also a free video calling app for smartphones, so you can make video call from one mobile to another mobile to see the person at the other end. The app doesn’t only feature video calling but also features the text messages. The UI of the app is very good, and it can be synced or used as your main messaging app. The app is available on Google Play for free.