Advanced Video Editing Apps for Smartphones


Nowadays , everyone loves to be a perfect video maker and certainly  keeps useful collection of useful applications for online video editing and enhancing exactly on the phone.

You can easily pick one of the favourite apps, then capture a video and then modify this as you like. In the list, vine gets more importance but we will look for more professional video editing applications .

Take a look at our list of favorite video editing software. If you are the mobile user with iOS or Android OS, you can easily choose the app that best fits your operating system.

Perhaps in the future someone of you is going to be Spielberg.


  1. Viddy 

The major feature of this software is refining the captured video clips. You may include your personal soundtracks, video clip and also apply various filters. Through this app, you can easily share your work on social networking sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and Twitter. We can see Viddy almost equivalent to iMovie PC version.

Compatibility: IOS, Android

Price : free


  1. Montaj

    Montaj application enables you to take short 5 second series, and after that process them: glue, voice or filter.

Compatibility: IOS

Price : free


  1. Magisto

Magisto app presents itself as best “Movie Maker“. In Magisto, user can do basic editing and enhancing, there are various filters also available. You may add background music to the video recording as well edit it. The program possesses a variety of sound effects.

Compatibility: IOS, Android

Price : free


  1. Cute CUT

Cute CUT enables you to “create” on your video. The app provides you the possibility to not only edit the video, but also to draw on it using the 30 built-in tools. You can include images to a variety of effects, textures, shadows.

Compatibility: IOS

Price : free

cute cut

  1. Qik Video

This application operates in conjunction with Skype lets you to record as well as cut frames. You can use 13 various effects providing in real time during the call. Qik Video is considered best one amongst top editing apps.

Compatible: IOS, Android

Price : free


  1. Cinefy

Cinefy is very nice and useful app for video processing. The app is very easy to use, has much more than ONE HUNDRED various exclusive effects that you can use to enhance your video. Furthermore, you can insert popular music directly from Itunes.

Compatible: IOS

Price : free


  1. VideoGrade

The key advantage of the app is the capability to customize deep blue colors of your video. More than 11 premium filters are available in the app.

Compatible: IOS

Price: $ 4.99

video grade

  1. Splice

Splice has the ability to modify a video. Furthermore, you can record your voice and add it as a background sound.

Compatible: IOS, Android

Price: Free for IOS and Android costs $ 2.99


  1. ReelDirector

ReelDirector app offers standard editing tools clips. You can add text by selecting different styles, as well as to impose a variety of effects.

Compatible: IOS

Price: $ 1.99


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