Kik vs Whatsapp vs Wechat : Quick Analysis

Kik, WhatsApp and WeChat are three very popular instant messaging applications. If you are wondering which one to use, here is a quick comparison between the three.

Mobile Network Connection for Login

Not all the apps require the mobile network connection for setup and login. Only the apps that need your phone number for setup require you to be connected to the mobile network as they send the One Time Password (OTP) for verification. Kik app and WeChat do not require phone number sign up and therefore you don’t have to be connected to mobile network. You can set up and use them over Wi-Fi. WhatsApp, on the other hand, sends text to your phone at the time of registration. Hence, you must have active mobile network connection. But, once you have registered, whether or not you have mobile connection, you can still use it over Wi-Fi or any other internet connection.

Opt-in Feature

Some messengers use the 2-way opt-in feature. It requires you to add the contact (or send them the request to add you in case you are a sender) before they can send the messages to you. This ensures that you do not get any messages from the strangers. Kik Messenger uses the 2-way opt-in functionality. Hence, you can exchange messages only when one of you has sent the request and the other has accepted it. On the other hand, WeChat and WhatsApp do not use this feature. Therefore, even if someone is not on your contact list they will be able to send messages to you. Of course, you can block them if you have to.

PC Availability

A lot of us would love to use messaging app on a PC instead of mobile. Using mouse to interact with the interface and keyboard to type messages are much easier as compared to tapping and keypad typing. WhatsApp has a web-client as well as the desktop client. The desktop client is available only on Windows 8 and 10. Web version can be used on all browsers. WeChat also offers a web-based client so that you could use it on your PC. Unfortunately, there is no official version available of Kik for windows PC. It can be used using Android Emulator.

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