How to Make Free Video Calls from Mobile to Mobile

Nowadays, it has become very easy to make video calls from mobile to mobile as there are main video calling applications available in the market for free.You don’t have to have too much technical skills to install and use these video calling apps. The apps are easily available on the online stores such as Google Play and App Store, so you can get the videos calling apps from online stores to make video calls.

So, we have selected 5 video calling apps for you, and these are apps are for free.

1.      Facetime


Facetime is a very popular video calling app available on iOS platform but don’t even think of downloading this app on other operating system as it only supports iOS. This is the best free video calling app if you are using iPhone, Mac etc. You can make high quality video calling by using this app, and it even allows you to do texting with your friends. All you need to do is press the video calling button to see your family or friends. It comes inbuilt in iOS devices, so you don’t have to download it. The good news is that you can find Facetime on Android now easily.

2.      Skype


Skype is one of the best free video calling app for smartphones and desktop. It allows you make group video calling, so you can see more than person in the same screen. It also has texting feature, and file attachment to transfer the file from one user to another user. You can even call internationally outside the Skype by top the Skype account, which offer very low calling rates. The app is available on Google Play for free.

3.      Viber


Viber is mostly used for texting with friends but the app also offers free video calling features in smartphones and desktops. You can easily find the app on Google Play, and the app has very nice user interface. The app also has Viber out calling but you need to have credit in your account to call someone out the Viber. You can use nice stickers while texting, and there are some paid ones as well.

4.      Tango


Tango is an amazing app, which allows you make video calling from one phone to another phone for free. The app offers other free features such as texting and audio calling, and gaming people would love to try the app as there are some inbuilt games in the app. Tango can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

5.      Google Hangouts


 Google Hangouts is also a free video calling app for smartphones, so you can make video call from one mobile to another mobile to see the person at the other end. The app doesn’t only feature video calling but also features the text messages. The UI of the app is very good, and it can be synced or used as your main messaging app. The app is available on Google Play for free.

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