Zapya vs Xender vs Shareit : which one in better

There was a time when you had to transfer something from one phone to another you had to connect the first phone to the PC via USB cable, copy the content on the hard drive of the PC, connect the other phone using the USB cable, and transfer the content to it. This was a very long and tiring process. Then the Bluetooth technology was introduced which transformed the way we shared content across devices. There was no need for wires as everything was done wirelessly. But there were some challenges with Bluetooth. First of all, connectivity was not always reliable. The devices had to be in a very close proximity. It was not easy to connect to multiple devices at the same time. Also, the transfer was very slow especially when you had to share the larger files.

All these problems were finally taken care of when hotspot feature was introduced in the phones. This feature allowed for the creation of some of the most incredible file sharing apps with which you could share files easily at a much higher speed. These apps also allow you to connect to multiple devices at the same time. You not only share the files across handheld devices but also between computers and mobiles. There are many file sharing apps in the market these days and they are for free. But we can safely say that the top 3 apps are SHAREit Apk, Xender, and Zapya. But even with these choices the users may get confused. After all, they want to know which one is the best among the three. So, here is the quick comparative analysis of these three incredible file sharing apps.



There is one thing that is absolutely clear beyond any doubt – SHAREit is the most popular file sharing app at this time. It has been downloaded and is being used by more users than any other such app. This app allows you to share the files and media across devices at an incredible speed. Once you have used this app there is no way you will want to use the Bluetooth service ever again. The good thing is that almost all the phones these days feature the hotspot technology. Whether you have an iOS, Android, or Windows phone, you can use this app quite easily. Also, it can share the files between PC and mobile and also two PCs.  You can use this app to connect to multiple devices at a time. It offers a very user friendly interface and navigation is pretty easy. These are the reasons why it is so popular these days.


Xender is definitely not as popular as SHAREit. However, the people who have used both the apps often say that it could be much better than the latter. It does have certain features that are not available with SHAREit. For example, it allows you to buzz a friend if you need to grab their attention.


There are some features that are completely unique to Zapya. Other than that, it has all the other common features of the above two apps. What’s unique is that it allows you to chat with the other users.


Xender and Zapya offer some additional features. However, since SHAREit is being used by more people therefore it makes more sense to use it. You will not want to make the other person download the app first before sharing the file.

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